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Blake Ewing Tulsa City Council District 4

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Greatness doesn’t happen by accident. It starts with big thinking, followed by bold action.

Blake Ewing Tulsa City Council District 4

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Let’s not be afraid to think of things in new ways and from new perspectives.

Blake Ewing Tulsa City Council District 4

Get to know Tulsa’s District 4 City Councilor

Who Is Blake?

Blake Ewing is Tulsa’s District 4 City Councilor, running to retain his seat representing midtown and downtown Tulsa.

Blake is a hardworking Tulsa native who loves his community and cares deeply about our city. Blake is running for City Council to help Tulsa to achieve its incredible potential by working to improve and sustain our quality of life while investing in the community’s future.

Born in Tulsa, his father’s career as a minister moved the family throughout rural Oklahoma throughout Blake’s childhood. During his early teenage years, his family settled in midtown Tulsa, just a block from Route 66. A proud graduate of Tulsa public schools, Blake attended Nathan Hale High School before majoring in English at John Brown University.

District 4 is the heart of Tulsa. It’s home to Downtown, Cherry Street, 18th and Boston, Utica Square, Riverparks, Woodward Park, TU, The fairgrounds, Route 66, Kendall Whittier and The Pearl District. It’s home to our most beautiful and historic neighborhoods like Swan Lake, Yorktown, Florence Park, Owen Park and Maple Ridge. More people work, play, ride public transportation, eat, drink, and enjoy live music and art in District 4 than in other parts of town. Three of our city’s hospitals even call it home.

It’s important then, that the entire city recognizes the importance of continued growth, development, and renewal of our core. Route 66, in Kendall Whittier, and The Pearl District are just a few of the opportunities for robust and unique infill development. As these areas come to life, the neighborhoods that flank them find new life as well. Investing in tourism, and quality of life enhancements in these underserved areas will lead to new commerce, new visitors to Tulsa, local spending, and increased property values and will facilitate the type of urban core density Tulsa needs in order to offset its relatively low density characteristics outside of the core. This is how a city reinvents itself and Tulsa is on the cusp of some amazing turnarounds in the heart of the city.

Our sales tax revenue funded city has got to focus on increasing population without new infrastructure or geographic growth, encouraging local spending, and attracting dollars from outside of the community. These issues are not political, they’re basic economics. We’ve got to be smarter about how we do business in Tulsa and it’s important to place our focus on reversing the trend of our budget needs outpacing our revenue growth. Our investments should be on projects and initiatives that facilitate these better economic outcomes and we need elected people with the sense and resolve to pursue them.

Tulsa is moving in the right direction, but so are many of our peer cities. We need a continued focus on improving our quality of life, strengthening our economy, and bolstering our infrastructure to remain competitive. It’s important that we continue to be seen as a wonderful place to live, be it to raise a family, find a career, or start a business. For Tulsa to achieve its wonderful potential, we need strong leadership that is willing to challenge the status quo and demand better for our future. Should you vote to re-elect me to office, I will continue to be that voice in our local government.

No matter what happens on June 24th, there’s still a lot to do and a great community to build. A city’s future isn’t decided on its election days. It’s decided every day. I ask you to join me in challenging our Tulsa to aspire to new heights and in working to get us there. Tulsa was built by the bold, the curious, the passionate and the relentless. It deserves nothing less from us now. Thank you for your continued support and for striving to make Tulsa the best it can be.

"Tulsa was built by the bold, the curious, the passionate and the relentless. It deserves nothing less from us now." - Blake Ewing

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